What is the North Sea Group?

The North Sea Group is an informal group of scholars and scientists interested in EVIDENCE & LEGAL PROOF, which in recent years has held a series of workshops at various locations around the North Sea and Baltic Sea. A common theme of the workshops was to study specific complex legal cases from a number of different points of view, corresponding to current research directions in the varied disciplines of law, philosophy, computer science, and statistics. We feel that the collaboration has already been very valuable and deserves to be continued and extended.

On these webpages, we will place both public and private information. For instance, there will be a public blog, with the possibility for anyone to place comments; there will be a more private forum where members of the group will discuss plans, share recent developments, make case files, data, and computer programs available to everyone in the group while respecting legal confidentiality constraints in cases where legal developments are continuing or expected to resume, as well as generally respecting the human dignity of everyone involved in controversial legal cases from all sides.

The website is presently being managed by Richard Gill (Leiden, Netherlands). The name, URL, and manager of the site may well change in the future. The idea is to have something working and already of some use as soon as possible, which may then be carefully extended in the future.

Contributor: Richard Gill