• The NORTH SEA GROUP is an international cross-disciplinary research network for scholars of law, philosophy, statistics, probability theory, computer science, psychology and forensics interested in the theory and methodology of EVIDENCE AND LEGAL PROOF

  • NSG has been founded by scholars from four countries bordering the North Sea (Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK) and welcomes members from all countries

  • The purpose of the NSG is to support scientific exchange and collaboration by organizing an annual workshop on legal evidence. These workshops have been organized in Bielefeld 2015, Cambridge 2016, London 2017, Lund 2018, Girona 2018 and Groningen 2019. The next workshop will be held in Lund, on June 15, 2020

  • The NSG workshops have given birth to several research collaborations and joint research projects, for example, the Simonshaven Project, where different theories and methods for evidence assessment were applied to the same legal case. The results of this project have been published as a special issue of Topics in Cognitive Science.


Anne Ruth Mackor, University of Groningen (chair)
Christian Dahlman, Lund University
Norman Fenton, Queen Mary University

Richard Gill, Leiden University (Webmaster)

The NSG site https://northseagrouplegal.nl/ came online in November 2019

Images: mainly from Windows 7 theme "Baltic coasts" aka Polskie Plaże, photographer Paweł Walczak